With Hope, With Faith

With hope, was how she closed her letters, and With faith was how he would close his. For they both could not close their letters with the word love, at least not yet. For the girl refused to say the word, even in writing, until she was absolutely positive, and the boy knew this, so he saved the word as well. Time had separated them. They both knew they would reunite one day, but what would that day be like.

The girl could only imagine the possible outcomes of that day. She imagined most of the time it would be a sweet reunion, but the feelings that were once there would be forgotten by the boy, that they would be in different parts of their lives and the future they hoped for would fade into nothing but a wish. She imagined this frequently, yet there was still a part of her that held onto the possibility of a positive future with the boy, so she ended her letters with hope. She hoped they would be able to talk like they used to, she hoped her heart would still to somersaults in her chest, and she hoped he still value her.

And the boy, unknown to her, wanting the positive future more than she could imagine ended with something stronger then hope, something that required conviction and action — faith. Faith which upon his return he would prove to her. For he had faith that what he had come to know and care for inside of her would still be there. He had faith that she had grown in her abilities. He had faith that they could fall for each other again.

But ultimately, he had faith and she had hope that no matter what happened if the relationship sailed through or sunk, that they would be okay and happiness would wait for them, love was waiting somewhere else in the world.