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Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

I was recently reminded how I struggled with handling secrets in my first hobby projects. It all started when I began using third party web APIs to get data, later it was when I needed my first database. …

This was originally an interview homework assignment from the company Mapbox. The task was to write a blameless postmortem on some kind of failure I’ve experienced, technical or not. I chose to write about my first sailboat dismasting while racing in Oregon.

Author(s): Cory Dominguez

Status: An insurance claim was filed and collected. But as of January 31, 2018 a new mast has not been procured and the sailboat has not been refitted.

Summary: The Cal 20 racing sailboat Sirena dismasted 6.5 miles (15%) into the Double Damned Regatta on the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. …

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Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

I wrote a service that scrapes data from web comic sites, stores them in a database, and generates RSS feeds. …



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