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Cal Poly Pomona urban planning students and Jonathan Pacheco Bell discuss Embedded Planning and the Medina Family ADU Story. [Photo by Courtney Knapp]

Embedded Planning is a new form of street-level praxis. As I explain in my opening salvo, “We Cannot Plan From Our Desks,” Embedded Planning situates the work of planners on the ground. Embedded planners take part in a community’s daily life, resulting in stronger relationships with stakeholders, increased public participation, and better-informed ordinances, policies and plans that reflect a community’s “street realities.” As a result, embedded planners are better equipped to advance equity in their work.

Inspiration sprang from Advocacy, Equity, Radical, and Insurgent planning theories. I also drew insights from embedded librarianship, social work, community organizing, and Lipsky’s street-level bureaucracy. I first envisaged Embedded Planning on-the-job as a zoning enforcement planner in South Central LA’s Florence-Firestone community. But it was the off-duty spaces of public speaking events, classrooms, and personal conversations where interrogation helped me hone the concept. …


Jonathan Pacheco Bell, MAUP, MLIS @c1typlann3r

Embedded Planning Creator💡 #WeCannotPlanFromOurDesks™️ @WordsUncaged Board Director

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