Day 10— January 25, 2017: We Dream of Being Amazed by God

During our 2nd week of prayer and fasting, let’s focus our prayers inward for our church. Let’s pray for Christ Centered Church as well as the individuals who are a part of it. Today’s devotional was written by Andres Tejada-Lalinde, and it begins a focus on the five dream statements of Christ Centered Church. The first Dream Statement is, “We Dream of Being Amazed by God.”

Many were amazed by what Jesus said and did during His life on earth. For instance, after Jesus healed a boy, Luke 9:43 states,

And all were astonished at the majesty of God.

Not only were many amazed at what Jesus did, but in John 5:20, Jesus explicitly states that one of reasons He did great works was to amaze people. After a healing, Jesus told those persecuting Him and wanting to kill Him,

For the Father loves the Son and shows him all that he himself is doing. And greater works than these will he show him, so that you may marvel.

Here we have a case in which Jesus was saying that the actual aim of at least some of God’s works would be to amaze people (in this case, those wanting to kill His only Son Jesus!).

Just as many were amazed by Jesus’ works about two millennia ago, we at Christ Centered Church want to be amazed at what Jesus does today. The first C2 dream has the following statement:

We want to be a church that asks God to do what only He can do and then trusts Him to do it. We want to be amazed as we watch God open doors, tear down walls, build bridges, and cross barriers. We dream of looking around and realizing that God has done what only God can do. We want to be an undeniable, unexplainable, and somewhat uncomfortable example of God’s supernatural power to those who would otherwise deny His existence. We want to be amazed at God’s power! From The C2 Dream

Let us pray that God amazes us by the demonstration of His power in our personal lives, and in our church. May God’s supernatural power work in and through us in a way that no one can deny that it is God’s work, and His alone. And in this way may at least some be saved.

Specifically, in this time of prayer and fasting, may God amaze us with His answers to our prayers. Let us pray boldly for healing, for a breakthrough in prayer, for overcoming a particular sin we are struggling with. And may it all be for God’s glory alone, and may it lead to more praise of God, who showed us amazing grace by sending His only Son to lay down his life for us sinners.

Suggested Prayer:

Father, You are an amazing God, and You are always at work. We ask You to work in our lives and the life of Christ Centered Church to accomplish what only Your power and authority can accomplish. Change lives, we pray. We ask that You heal those who are suffering. We pray that You bring sinners to repentance. We pray, asking You to open doors, tear down walls, build bridges, and cross barriers! Father, do Your work in our lives in a way that only You can.

Song for Further Reflection: Phil Wickham: “This Is Amazing Grace

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