Day 13 — Saturday, January 30 Inward Focus on Watching Hell Retreat

Day-6 of our inward focus is on our dream of watching hell retreat. Yes, you read that correctly. We are dreaming as a church that we will watch hell retreat. This is how our dream statement reads,

“In a world where oppression, violence, addiction, adultery, hate, selfishness, and materialism destroy our societies, our families, our lives, and the lives of those we love, we dream of being a church who, through the authority and power of Jesus, attacks the gates of Hell encroaching on our families and communities and watches in astonishment as Hell retreats when confronted with the power of Jesus.”

God has promised that the church will prevail and that Satan will not stop the progress of the gospel and the growth of the church. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus said this to the apostle Peter,

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18 ESV)

To watch hell retreat here and now is to retake ground that Satan has claimed. It is rebelling, as disciples of Jesus, against the lies, deceit, fears, and temptations of the devil. It is trusting God to live boldly and unashamedly for Jesus before the watching world. This kind of counter-cultural living requires faith in the person, power, and purposes of Jesus.

Again, it starts with us. It starts with Christ Centered Church — every redeemed believer, boldly, obediently, joyfully, and faithfully following Jesus. As God changes us, He uses our lives and words to help change others. This kind of living is first century Christianity: living boldly in the face of adversity, seeing God do amazing things, and watching hell retreat.

  1. If it starts with us, then where does it start with you?
  2. Where do you need to live more boldly and obediently for Jesus? Ask the Spirit to help you.
  3. Where in your life, or in the lives of those close to you, do you want to watch hell retreat? Pray that God would use you to make that happen.

Today’s short but powerful prayer (SBPP) is, “Lord, empower Christ Centered Church so we watch hell retreat.”

For further meditation and prayer listen to “Break Every Chain” by Jesus Culture.