BTC/USD Bitfinex pricing chart from Jan 2014 to Jan 2017

We certainly are experiencing a thaw, with evidence of spring around us. But will it last? Will crypto winter turn out to mirror the “real” 2018–2019 winter in the northern hemisphere? In other words, is this going to be a lasting spring? The honest answer is that based on the chart evidence alone, we cannot know. We have now seen a revival in bitcoin prices of almost 80% — not quite 2x. Other coins have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in value. Bitcoin experienced a one day price rise of about 25%. If we look only at bitcoin, then this…

When you are spoilt for choice, how do you know which crypto exchange to use?

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C2CX is an overseas Chinese digital assets exchange launched in December 2016, building on C2CX’s highly successful proprietary trading platform. It can be found on the web at or on Google Play.

Spoilt for Choice

Once upon a time, it was tough to find a place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. There were few choices, the sites had basically no customer service, and many of them had periodic software outages. In other words, there were no real ‘good’ choices. Come 2018, that is a…

C2CX Exchange

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