Graphic design, after having slept with architecture, gets punished by the gods and reduced to sub-microscopic dimensions. (Daniel Van der Velden from Metahaven. Typo Berlin 2012)

Architecture and the architect

Architecture also exists without necessary assistance from an architect; and architects sometimes create buildings which are not architecture. (Norval White).

The public realm is defined as much by graphic designers, as it is by architects.(David Heathcote. Eye Magazine, ‘Growing up in Public’, page 4)

If there’s something in architecture that has always stopped me, it’s the way of teaching it at schools. I have problems with its teaching. I think the desire of the ignorant to know about science is worth more than the intellectual’s desire to transmit knowledge to the ignorant.—Eduardo Chillida

What if we apply these tools into another knowledge domain?

The right to change. Towards reversible decisions.

The connection […] is that they both provoke interpretation, to create meaning and response, they both encourage interaction and use. Both graphic design and architecture communicate information, they each have a designated purpose, a function to interact and entertain […]. Throughout this ‘observation’ of both disciplines, keywords have been repeated, on purpose, so that as you read them you recall them, you initiate a link, a record of words that combine together to form a contextual connection between the disciplines of architecture and graphic design. Words such as: meaning, function, form, movement, information, dominating, decoration and construction. (Steven Price. Visualising the Boundaries of Architecture and Graphic Design. Central St Martins 2000).



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