“I’ve become numb since that fateful day. I don’t experience any happiness or sadness anymore”

“As a child, I belonged to a family of limited means. When my father couldn’t fulfil my demands, he would pacify me by saying that I’ll experience happiness after getting married. He’d say that my husband would keep me pampered by taking good care of me. I realised that he was right when I got married in 1983, but just after a year, the 1984 riots happened. The mob burnt alive all the male members of our family including my husband. I would run to save one of them but then they’d catch hold of another one of them. I kept running around in circles to help but couldn’t save anyone. They started throwing my 1-year-old son amongst each other by holding his limbs but later left him alive after assuming that he’d not survive for long. Luckily, he did survive. However, he’s developed gaps between the bones on his wrists and ankles, which don’t allow him to put stress on his limbs for too long.

“I’ve been doing a clerical job at a bank for almost 3 decades now. I’m able to make ends meet for my family, but unable to heal the scars of my family members. What else can I do? I just spend most of my free time sitting on this chair outside the house and keep myself engaged in a productive activity like knitting. I’ve become numb since that fateful day. I don’t experience any happiness or sadness anymore. Life is just moving ahead aimlessly, but I’ve at least learnt to put a smile on my face.”

This is a part of the series which the Admin of the page, Humans of Delhi had run with 31st October to bring stories of people who survived the anti-Sikh pogrom which happened in Delhi in 1984. These stories of agonising injustice were lost in the abyss of time.

31st October is the feature film which attempts to initiate a conversation on this issue.

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