Her name was Teresa Halbach: What Netflix Missed with “Making a Murderer”
Diana Alvear

The term “circular logic without an off-ramp” comes to mind.

This article is listed as a 4 minute read yet somehow has the audacity to talk about how little time Teresa got in the documentary. Does someone actually believe this covers new ground or leaves people with a different feeling about Teresa than the one people got from watching MaM? I watched MaM (and grew up in Manitowoc County) and it was perfectly clear to me that she was a sweet woman who loved her family and her murder was an unspeakable tragedy. That’s not the question so it doesn’t take a 10 hour documentary to get to the bottom of it.

Then this bombshell — Dassey is behind bars but he’s alive. Teresa is dead. Yes. Teresa is dead. No question. Alive is generally better than dead. No question. THE QUESTION IS — Did the people who are sitting behind bars for the murder actually receive a fair trial and deserve a punishment? The author claims she doesn’t want to weigh in on whether they’re guilty or not. Really? So i guess the logic is this — We should all just shut up except to talk about wonderful the victim really was. We shouldn’t trouble ourselves with whether a nearly retarded person without proper legal representation was cohersed into giving a weak confession which was then spun by the prosecutor and media to sound much worse (I’m a Mantiowoc County native and remember the coverage 10 years ago. I stopped paying attention because I assumed the things I heard about the confession made this an open and shut case … until I saw the “confession” recently … talk about one-sided). Of course I’m outraged that a wonderful, innocent person died. However, I don’t see why I should use that to be excited about someone potentially being sentenced to prison for decades based on a trail which wasn’t fair to him.

It’s terrible that the Halbach family went through an unspeakable tragedy and lost a wonderful daughter and sister. It makes me sick that they were [un]served by people who were so incompetent and potentially unethical that there are questions about the outcome 10 years later. Some of the public officials involved should be investigated immediately (and some — looking at you, Len Kachinsky- should probably face some serious consequences).

In the meantime, let’s stop acting like people who are in favor of fair justice are doing it to hurt an innocent family.

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