The internal of go-prompt: How to control the rich terminal UI (Part I).

Aug 25 · 6 min read

A brief history of the terminal.

Image refers from
Image refers from

VT100 escape sequences

Change the terminal color

How to get the window size of Terminal emulator.

type winsize struct {
Row uint16
Col uint16
X uint16
Y uint16

func getWinSize(fd int) (row, col uint16, err error) {
var ws *winsize
retCode, _, errno := syscall.Syscall(
syscall.SYS_IOCTL, uintptr(fd),
if int(retCode) == -1 {
return ws.Row, ws.Col, nil
Spread the progress bar with the window column size.
This program has a problem that it doesn’t follow the changes of window size.
Follow the changes of window size

What you’ll learn next?



Written by

Creator of go-prompt and kube-prompt. github: c-bata

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