Drucker Capta

What constitutes a record in this dataset?

Any of the city’s public service expenses would count as a record in this dataset

Use Wallack’s and Srinivasan’s definition to identify the dataset’s ontology

Definition of ontology: Ontologies represent reality, but this representation of information may in turn become the basis for actions that in turn shape reality. The actions may be shaped in response to ontologies and aimed at problems defined by ontologies, but their impacts depend on the actual reality rather than the representation.

The dataset ontology aims to provide a comprehensive view of the city’s budget and expenses, being transparent with the citizens in how money was spent. The city controller is the taxpayers’ watchdog and the City’s chief auditor and accountant. The Controller’s job is to investigate and publicly report problems with city departments, increase governmental efficiency and save taxpayer money by improving operations, conduct financial and performance audits of all city departments, offices and programs, monitor and report on all matters relating to the City’s fiscal health, keep the City’s official financial records, and supervise all expenditures of city.

From whose point of view does this ontology make the most sense? (Another way to ask this question: Who will find this data most useful and illuminating?)

Government officials to plan city operations. Also for citizens to check that their tax money are being put to good use, and suggest ideas to improve the city

What can this dataset tell you about the phenomenon it claims to describe?

The dataset portrays LA as a transparent city with clean record that instills a sense of trust in its people. By establishing open data, LA shows its commitment to improve the city and is willing to listen to its citizens.

What gets left out?

Nothing really gets left out, but the overloading of data might prove too much to citizens to read, and it might bury data anomaly. The sheer volume of data also means citizens might blindly trust the city without critically analysing the dataset