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Today Might Be The Best Sports Day of The Year

There are lot of controversial topics that are currently surrounding the sports world. One highlight, according to an article on Sports Illustrated, is the “Sports Equinox”. This even occurs when there is a game that is being played in all four major sports leagues. This includes three NBA games, nine NHL games, an MLB playoff game, and single NFL game.

More Than Sports: Stadiums Try Video Games and Surfing

E-sports spectating is on the rise and more arenas are allowing fans to fill its space to watch competitive video gaming. Last month, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn hosted a tournament for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, according to an article on New York Times. Many stadiums are incorporating new technologies and applications to further the enjoyment of viewers.

Midwest emerges as the home of college esports

The most successful collegiate gaming teams are all located in Missouri. Schools in St. Louis, Columbia, and Bolivar are home to champion League of Legends and Overwatch players, according to One of the schools, Southwest Baptist University, offers scholarships to streamers.