Computers and the New Media — Why I’m taking this course.

As part of this course, we are required to start blogging. The first topic is why we are taking this course. To be honest, I’m taking this course because I think it’ll be easy. Not necessarily because it’s not super programming intensive or very obscure, but more because I think it’s a topic that applies more broadly to students than Fourier transforms or resource allocation in an operating system. The media is a huge part of our lives, it controls when we get out of bed, when we post things, and even our daily preferences. It’s crucial that we understand how to interpret media in order to avoid falsifications of information, negative reactions, and even sometimes illegality. A topic that demands my attention everyday, is bound to be somewhat easy to understand, if only because i’m actually interested in it.

Following is a list of the media I use every week:

Facebook, iMessage, text, GroupMe. Gmail, Outlook, Rally, QuickBooks, Ecampus, Howdy, Hearthstone, League of Legends, 9GAG, Instagram.

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