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Team Protests Anthem

An entire WNBA team protested the National Anthem by kneeling on Wednesday night. The Indiana Fever felt they needed to take a stand, or literally a sit, for the injustices they see in America. Other athletes have done the same, but this is the first time that a team has collectively done so.

Trump’s New Policy Idea

Donald Trump said on Wednesday night that he would support police being able to perform “stop-and-frisks.” This would mean that police could pull anyone over and pat them down to search for anything illegal. However, minorities are very against this because it could lead to more systemic racism.

Rioters Reign in Charlotte

The National Guard has been called in as Gov. Pat McCrory has called a State of Emergency in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rioters looted the city Wednesday, ransacking a multitude of businesses. Many employees of companies have been ordered to not report to work to Thursday because of the unrest.

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