Leads and 2nd Paragraphs

Malpractice Suit

Who: Barney Olive and Stephen Rogers (doctors), William Hamilton (lawyer)

What: The doctors are being sued for malpractice and the lawyer representing the plaintiff had a heart attack. They worked and saved his life.

When: N/A

Where: Riverside Hospital

Why: It’s their duty as doctors to help people

How: N/A

A lawyer who had a heart attack was miraculously saved by two doctors who will be facing his plaintiff in trial next week for malpractice.

William Hamilton, 73, was beginning the final arguments in the case when he had a heart attack. Thankfully the doctors, Barney Olive and Stephen Rogers, both of Riverside Hospital, were able to help save him and now he is recovering at this hospital. No word has come yet from the plaintiff, Bertie McNicholls, of 623 Leanto Rd.

Alumni Festival

Who: University Alumni Association

What: Planing a spring festival

When: Sometime in April

Where: Liberty University (football and baseball fields)

Why: Raise funds for school library

How: N/A

The Liberty University Alumni Association is putting into plans a spring festival for some time in April that would help raise funds for the school library.

The precise date for the event is still to be determined based on if the baseball team makes the playoffs or not. No matter what though, there will be games and contests on the football field and a barbeque lunch on the baseball field.


Who: Group of citizens led by Wilburg Straking, the pastor of Ever-Faithful Church of the Living Water

What: Objecting to a University biology class and going to talk to speak to state legislators

When: Next Monday

Where: State Capital

Why: Laura Cliff, the associate professor, teaches evolution in the class

How: N/A

A group of about 25 citizens, led by the pastor of Ever-Faithful Church of the Living Water, plans to protest evolution being taught in the local university’s biology class at the state capital next Monday.

The angry group hopes to speak to legislators and put an end to teaching evolution in the classroom. Professor Laura Cliff and the university president both did not comment.


Who: Ellie Maston and Amburn’s Produce Market

What: Suing the market for $100,000 for negligence

When: The incident occured April 1

Where: Circuit Court

Why: She slipped, fell, and broke her hip after slipping on green beans left on the floor.

How: N/A

Amburn’s Produce Market has been charged with negligence and sued for $100,000 by a customer who fell and broke her hip in the store on April 1.

The customer, Ellie Maston of 313 Journey Rd., said that she slipped on green beans left on the store floor, leading to her subsquent fall and injury. The suit, which was filed today in Circuit Court, claims that she “suffered permanent bodily and mental injuries, incurred medical expenses and lost income.”

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