I’ve lost my memory

I’ve cleaned my digital trash

No. I haven’t lost my memory, more precisely, my phone has lost its memory taking with it the photos of the last seven years of my life.
I’ve thought a lot about the incident. Therefore, I’ve managed to remember lots of them, one by one. Besides the moments I lived to capture them.

Today, photography has become an particularly simple process that I describe below:

1. Slide a finger
2. Touch a button

It’s so easy, that we capture half-assed. We forget the rest of our senses and we don’t live every moment as we should . This marked the beginning of my life: now I smell, observe, touch, and feel. I regret not having started earlier to live.

The moments are returning to me; they were forgotten in the comfort of my pocket. I never stopped to revive them. I didn’t need to remember because they were always there; and I’ve noticed that there is much more in my memory.

Give it a try it. Delete your pictures and start to feel again. Do not you dare?