things i’ve learned

  1. not everyone has the same heart as you. don’t get frustrated when someone doesn’t see things the way you do; try to learn the in’s and out’s of their heart instead. you may be surprised what you find there.
  2. pray big and boldly. and pray with eyes that want to see the lord and his plans; not eyes that want to see an outcome that you want
  3. when you walk in step with the lord, His desires become your desires
  4. don’t stress about messing up gods plan for you; you’re not mighty enough to even put a dent in his path for you.
  5. be active, not passive. make a difference. we are given this one chance at life; don’t sit back and miss it
  6. be your own hype man
  7. vulnerability is not a weakness; its a strength. the enemy preys on your fear of sharing and feeds you lies that dwell when you keep everything inside. we were made for community. we were not made to walk this life alone: please share.
  8. learn to rejoice in the valleys. sometimes things crumble around you. sometimes the lord lets you hit rock bottom. in this season, he let me hit rock bottom… but he met me there, with open arms, ready to walk me back up the hill.
  9. don’t take 8 am’s. ever.
  10. get out of our own way. there’s a temptation to make the story all about us. but we have to remember, it’s about His glory… not ours. train your eyes to see Jesus as the main character
  11. rest is holy. we can’t pour out if we’re getting our water from a dry well. take the time to fill yourself up. take the time to rest.
  12. smile more. instead of walking to class with your head down, lift it up and smile at someone you pass. you never know what that one act could do for someone.
  13. days go by fast. love where you’re at while you’re still there. be present.
  14. you’re just as awesome as the person you’re comparing yourself to right now. dig in to your gifts, your talents, your traits. they’re pretty incredible too.
  15. were all in the middle of different storms. have grace for people.
  16. wash your sheets. those things are grosser than you think
  17. be the person that you needed when you were younger.
  18. words are the most powerful tools we have as humans. they have the immense ability to bring someone to the highest of highs, but they also have the ability to be turned to a weapon to cut someone to the lowest of lows. be slow to speak and choose your words so very carefully
  19. tell your friends you love them. tell your friends you miss them. remind your friends of their value. sometimes they need to hear it & there’s no one better than you to do it
  20. call your mom
  21. its okay to not have the answers and its okay to not know what’s next. sometimes, we’re not meant to know- we’re meant to have faith.
  22. you’re not a burden. ever. even when everything in you is convincing you that you are
  23. journal your ups and journal your downs (and everything in between). its the coolest gift to be able to go back and have a front row seat to watch yourself grow
  24. don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t look at you the way Jack Pearson looks at Rebecca
  25. learn to laugh at yourself. you tripped walking up the steps to the main library in front of everyone on the first week of college??? me too & might I say, it was hilarious
  26. when you need to laugh, go on twitter. that place is a gold mine
  27. 1 corinthians 13:4–7. strive to live a life where you can replace your name with the word ‘love’
  28. give yourself time to walk to class. power walking does in fact still make you sweat (normal walking in august will still make you sweat but those stains are easier to hide)
  29. look for friends that feel like sunshine; people who flood your heart with happiness. trust me, you’ll know when you find them and when you do, hold on to them
  30. take risks; you never know what lies on the other side of your willingness to say yes
  31. practice saying no too. you don’t always have to be on the go. learn to say no to some things and take time for yourself. say no to the things that you know get a little too close to your guardrail. you’ll find the balance; it just takes some practice.
  32. don’t let people make fun of your taste in music, but also, if you have aux in the car, don’t play edm the whole time. take requests. play songs that you know are your friends’ favorites. it will make car rides so pleasant.
  33. take the time to watch the sunrise. it’s always worth it