News on journalist Matthew Keys appeals.

If you are reaching this page, is an archived news content from the current Open Letter to the White House in the case against now convicted journalist Matthew Keys. If you want to help his cause go here.

(News archived)

(August 2017)

(8/26/17) If convicted Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio can be fully pardoned, why not give a pardon to journalist Matthew Keys, Mr President Trump? There’s a petition waiting for you to sign up. Scroll it down for details. FREE Matthew Keys Mr President!

(8/8/17) UPDATE: 9th Circuit of Appeals Court denied an ‘En Banc’ re-hearing of the Keys case. The injustice needs to stop now! Will push it to the US Supreme Court if needed be! FREEMatthewKeys!

(8/4/17) It’s been one year since Matthew Keys was taken away by the injustice system in the United States. We still miss you Matthew…

Latest Weekly Catch Up Letter From Matthew (8/13/17) Matthew’s reaction to Charlottesville VA racial attacks in the latest letter.

Statement on 1 year anniversary of Matthew’s imprisonment.

“There is not one reasonable person who, one year on, believes I should be incarcerated. Not one.” — Matthew Keys

Matthew Keys Statement on arrest of British Computer Security Expert Marcus Hutchins, who was arrested by the FBI in a possible violation to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which is the same law that keeps Matthew Keys in prison.

(June 2017)

Appeals Court Denies Matthew Keys, A Chance For Freedom. A Wrong And Completely Disappointing Decision. (6/27/27)


“My attorney notified me earlier today that the Ninth Circuit ruled against me with regard to the appeal in my case. I am extremely disappointed in their decision. Until I have a chance to review their opinion, I will have no further comment.”-Matthew Keys.


Here’s the Appeals Courts video of Matthew Keys appeals case:

ArsTechnica’s Cyrus Farivar was also on the appeals court hearings and has published the following article.

(6/6/17) Just a quick update! While browsing on Twitter, a friend of Matthew Keys sent this message, indicating that Matthew Keys is doing well and to quote the last line, Matthew said: “Tell the Internet I said hello too.”

This is quite the first word we got, from incarcerated journalist Matthew Keys since last March, where he stated that due to his funding being held by the Atwater’s prison warden, he was unable to make contact with his friends and relatives (Myself included) for the time being. While is true Matthew can’t make contact at the moment, this is quite a relief in the continuous lack of information saga, regarding Matthew Keys whereabouts. Recently, a letter was sent to my inbox from a supporter of Matthew Keys, who at this point is not revealing it’s name, but calls for the Bureau of Prisons to release Matthew Keys funding and calls the situation as if Matthew “Has Gone Missing.”

(May 2017)

Just heard some nice interview from attorney Jay Leiderman, regarding the Matthew Keys case and appeal. This was an interview done along with journalist Barrett Brown, who was recently in the news since the US Government, after releasing Brown on probation and with no explanation, re-arrested him all because he gave interviews to the news media. (You will hear the host congratulating Brown on his second release!) Just worthy of listening.

Remember, I mentioned few weeks back about a live discussion happening in Oakland CA, about the Matthew Keys case? His attorney, Mark Jaffe with the law firm of Tor Ekeland PC had a conversation with ARS Technica’s Cyrus Farivar and it has been posted on the ARS Technica’s Live Video Blog.

(March 2017)

(3/1/17) Hoping for the best on the injustice done to Matthew Keys. One of Matthew’s legal team, told on Twitter that ‘Oral arguments for Matthew Keys appeal at 9th Circuit is tentatively in June. Specific date to be determined.’

(February 2017)

(2/13/17) Did some minor editing as it appears some of the content was repeating below. I’m planning to move the updates about the Matthew Keys appeals process to a separate page, so the main article and letter is kept to a short and simple to read format.

(January 2017)

(1/25/17) Some article I found interesting. Seems a lot of people are learning about Matthew Keys legal issues. This, because according to media reports, an employee with access to the Federal Government’s owned National Park Services, tweeted about “Climate Changes” on The Badlands Park’s Twitter feed.

I would like to know if the US Government will again invoke the case against Matthew Keys when investigating this unusual tweet about “Climate Changes” and if someone else will fall down under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), for allegedly mentioning “Today, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than at any time in last 650,000 years.”

And to think, Matthew Keys is in prison over an alleged edit on the Los Angeles Times web site? (Keys never pleaded guilty on this, prior to his unfair conviction and he is still appealing the unjustified sentencing.)

(1/25/17) I’m updating the content of the site which include an updated letter to President Donald J. Trump on the request from Matthew Keys for early release. An updated letter can be found below, so you need to scroll a bit. PDF letter will be available soon.

(1/19/17) This is the last day President Obama will be in charge of the US Government. It is also the very last day, President Obama can still issue sentence commutations and pardons. Has he made a decision on the Matthew Keys case? We haven’t heard about it and we still have less than 24 hours for this to take place. The fight for Matthew Keys has not ended yet. Still waiting to see if there is a decision on his request for sentence commutation. Call the White House at (202) 456–1111 and push for Matthew Key’s release soon.

For those asking about the current appeals process, we haven’t heard about it from Matthew’s attorneys, but the process is being considered at this moment. Still we are looking at ways to have Matthew Keys released before the scheduled 2018 release. Soon, will let you know more about it.


(1/17/17) Just a reminder that we have less than TWO DAYS for President Obama to act on the Matthew Key’s sentencing commutation/pardon request. On Thursday (1/19/17), if President Obama refuses the request for Matthew Keys sentence commutation or pardon, I will release another commutation/pardon request and will be addressed to President-Elect Donald J. Trump as well. One thing to ask is, that you keep pushing for Matthew’s release. Call the White House at (202) 456–1111 and tell the White House staff that you want the President to commute or pardon Matthew Keys the journalist.

(1/7/17) Matthew Keys sent a message telling his visitations rights were restored. (Updated by attorney Mark Jaffe, with Tor Ekland P.C.) Nice to know.

(December 2016)

(12/30/16) An attorney for Matthew Keys did confirmed this. Keys was told he can’t receive visitors at the prison camp in Atwater CA. Why is that? Our injustice system in America! Obama has 2 more weeks in office and he has one more shot to commute or pardon some inmates. Would you be able to tell President Obama to consider Matthew Key’s request for a commutation or pardon of sentence?

By the way, I started to draft a commutation request to President Elect Donald J. Trump, if President Obama chooses not to act on this.

(12/28/16) Saw this on Twitter… Another fine example of our injustice system in the USA (More to come).

(12/22/16) President Obama gave over 1500 sentence commutations and pardons, but still chooses to ignore Matthew Key’s request for either one. He is less than one month from leaving office.

Also, would be nice if you sent Matthew a Christmas greeting at the above address.

(November 2016)

(11/08/16) A note on the Presidential elections and commutation request from Matthew Keys.

(11/04/16) Cyrus Farivar of ARS Technica has published a letter wrote by Journalist Matthew Keys at the Atwater Prison. The letter tells more about Matthew’s life inside the correctional facility.

^There are things that makes me sad when reading the letter itself. Will explain in a separate blog.^

More commutation of sentences by the White House and once again, journalist Matthew Keys request for commutation continues to be ignored. Why Mr President?

It’s been three months, since Matthew Keys had to surrender on an alleged crime he did not committed. Push for Matthew’s release.

(October 2016)


A new letter from journalist Matthew Keys, from the Atwater prison was released to journalist Dan Stuckey. I also received copy of the letter. This letter is in response to a recent news article published by The Intercept in regards to the US Department of Justice guidelines on the controversial Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (Title 18: S. 1030) law. This law is the reason why Keys remains in prison on alleged crimes he did NOT committed in 2010. Keys was convicted on October 7, 2015 and sentenced on April 13, 2016 to a two year prison and a $250,000 restitution to the parent company of the LA Times and the Orlando Sentinel (Tribune/tronc). Read the letter here.

(10/27/16) Once again, President Obama continues to use the power of commutation. Still chooses to ignore Matthew Key’s request for leniency. Why?

(10/07/16) It was one year ago, that former Reuters journalist Matthew Keys, was convicted under Title 18 of the CFAA. Here’s my statement on the conviction.

NEVER FORGET 10/07/15!

(10/04/16) It’s been two months, since Matthew Keys had to surrender on an alleged crime he did not committed. Push for Matthew’s release.

(September 2016)

(9/28) One year ago, a trial started against journalist Matthew Keys in regards to an alleged breach at the LA Times. He insisted, did not committed the alleged crimes, that he was convicted for and maintains him in prison.

(9/21) Matthew wrote a letter from the Atwater Prison Camp.

“I never realized how much I’d miss interacting online — particularly on social media — until I was forced to go without.” — Matthew Keys.

(Remember that no inmate is allowed to have access to the Internet. If lucky enough, e-mail access may be the only option.)

(9/13) Update on Matthew Keys: Does he gets the news while in prison?

(9/4) It’s been one month, since Matthew Keys had to surrender on an alleged crime he did not committed. Push for Matthew’s release.

(9/2): This was published on April 13, 2016 in response to the draconian two year prison sentencing against Matthew Keys.

(August 2016)

(8/30) President Obama keeps commuting sentences at the White House. We keep trying to ask for Matthew Keys. Nothing has been done in his case. Push for his release!

(8/29) Got in touch with Matthew Keys!

“I’ve been hearing from several people that you’re keeping the word alive about my situation here. Thanks so much for your work.”

Matthew is aware of this, so keep pushing for his release soon!

(8/25) An appeal process is underway to release Matthew Keys, according to his attorneys Jay Leiderman, Tor Ekland, Mark Jaffe. Here’s the motion brief filed with the 9th Circuit of Appeals Court.Also, an article from Cyrus Farivar (ARSTechnica) on the appeal process was published. You can read it here.


NOTE: This is an advocacy in support of Matthew Keys, a journalist that is currently in prison for an alleged breach of the Los Angeles Times web site. The information given to you is in the interest of advocating for an individual that is being legally prosecuted in the United States of America. Feel free to share and advocate for Matthew Keys. This web site is on public domain. Contact the author Carol Alfonso on Twitter.