Update on Matthew Keys…

(We have an Open Letter to the US President Trump on Matthew Keys Case)

In recent weeks, since journalist Matthew Keys was incarcerated at the Atwater USP Prison Camp in California, is very little what we know from him, from inside the camp. I’m assuming he is doing fine from the last few conversations we have done, despite the fact… conversations are always subject to the scrutiny of the prison guards inside the Federal facility.

Since August 4, 2016. Journalist Matthew Keys had surrendered to the US Bureau Of Prison, in order to serve a draconian two year prison sentence imposed by the US Eastern District Court in Sacramento CA, in regards to an alleged breach in 2010 against Tribune/Tronc’s owned ‘Los Angeles Times’ web site server (CMS), that resulted in a minor headline alteration. His case is currently under appeal at the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.

In a recent conversation by CorrLinks E-mail, Matthew was mentioning that at the prison camp, he mentioned that he can hear radio stations using an AM/FM radio device. In fact I checked the USP Commissary list and is true, that a radio device is available for purchase. The device is only allowed to receive over the air signals, but does not play CD or MP3 music. He told me, on some nights, KCBS 740 AM in San Francisco was being received, given Atwater CA is quite over 150 miles south and most of the radio stations that could be received in the area, are from nearby Merced, Fresno and Stockton CA. Most of the stations are Spanish language dominant. Matthew even mentioned that four country music stations were clearly received around the prison camp.

While he was able to receive a San Francisco news station, the fact is that is not always possible to hear a far distant signal in the state of California. I’m assuming that the sudden signal of KCBS 740 is the cause of signal bouncing and I had experienced that signal bouncing many years back, when I was still living in my native Puerto Rico. Even thought was something hard to achieve, radio stations from Venezuela and Dominican Republic were able to be captured on an AM band and is mostly known as DX-ing the airwaves.

I asked Matthew, if he has access to newspapers or TV? He told me that newspapers can be delivered as magazines inside the prison camp and is, via subscription. Currently, the USA Today and the New York Times are the only newspapers that can be delivered at the prison camp by subscription. Only a few inmates are able to receive the newspapers from subscriptions that are quite highly priced and still can be paid by family members. Matthew at the moment, can’t afford the commodity of having a way to find out what is going on in the outside world. He even told me, he was out of the loop in current events, due in part to work activity at the site.

I told Matthew, that I was thinking about doing a news brief that I could send him via regular mail. I could do it using a web site like Mail A Letter, hence the higher cost compared to a postal stamp, but still would do it. On the other hand, I saw that a subscription to both, the New York Times and USA Today for a year would be cost prohibited. Still, I have a low cost solution for the USA Today for two months at $50 dollars. If you are willing to help Matthew Keys with a subscription to the USA Today for two months, that would be awesome. I wish I could help, but even $50 is cost prohibited as I am on a fixed income from the Government. I help Matthew when I can, but can’t do it by myself. I’m really grateful that most of you that still believe in Matthew Keys, has been generous enough to help with the Commissary cost and that is greatly appreciated.

So, here’s what you can do to keep Matthew Keys up to date in current events. Again, lowest cost is $50 for two months of the USA Today. I would assume that since Matthew is at the appeals court process which would take quite some time, up to a year or more… I would put a request for a USA Today subscription every other month at the least. But, if you prefer to provide a news article by mail (Make sure is a safe to read article, as the prison wardens are the ones that reads first, before delivering to Matthew!), you are more than welcome to do so.

Oh… Also Matthew would love to see a music magazine as well! In fact I ordered Alternative Press and was looking at another music magazine like Under The Radar and Rolling Stones. If you like, you can choose them (Alternative Press is already being sent to him) and sent them to Matthew. Also would be cool if you sent Matthew some activity books like puzzle books or the ‘Adult Coloring’ style books that would help Matthew with some relaxing moment. Any book that can keep him busy would help. You can order those from Amazon.com or any other book source, as long as it is softcover/paperback material. All hard cover books can only come from Amazon.com.

Again, here’s the mailing address for Matthew Keys at the Atwater USP Prison Camp:

Matthew Keys #70041–097
USP Atwater
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 019001
Atwater, CA 95301

Also, I’m still running the Open Letter to US President Trump, to give Matthew Keys a commutation of sentencing. He has been commuting many inmate’s sentences, during his last months as President. Just push for Matthew Key’s release from prison.

Please share this! The fact that sharing a password with friends and family, should not make you a criminal. Matthew Keys had never breached the Los Angeles Times as alleged by the US Government. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as it is, assumes you are a hacker if you give the username and password to anyone, you and your love ones could be prosecute and even worse, would sent many innocent lives to prison. See this brief interview Matthew Keys did with CNN a few months back.

Please continue to support Matthew Keys in this legal process. More information on how to change the draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act can be found at the following links:

https://www.eff.org/issues/cfaa — — — — — — — https://fixthecfaa.com/

Carol Alfonso is a social media entertainer based in Orlando FL. She can be reached at her Twitter page.