I was laid off.. And Now?

I have never been laid off or fired from a job, ever. That was until I was abruptly laid off this past fall. I’m a developer, this stuff is not supposed to happen to us, right? We’re the ones who are always in demand. Well, that’s not always true.

First, let me explain what happened. I started working for an American IT company in 2012 as a senior web developer. I worked there for four years successfully, I never gave a thought to what would happen if the job suddenly ended. Unfortunately, in 2016 the project I was working on was terminated and the money for the team as well. So there I was, laid off, and I’d just moved to U.S. and my work permit was not available yet (I was working as a C2C using my Brazilian company).

At first, I got depressed, but I reminded myself that I always receive a lot of job invites, so to get a new job wouldn’t be a big deal. That was a big mistake though, because in the U.S. it is harder to find a job than you can imagine (I'll tell more about it in my next post). In Brazil I had a name, I had a big network, and things went smoothly.

I faced a lot of challenges when I got laid off, not only did I need to revamp my technical skills and learn new programs (It is another topic, I'll tell you some tips to avoid waist your time as I did), I also had to deal with improve my English faster — have you ever noticed what a pain in the ass English idioms are? So as a good Brazilian I never gave up. I started to do some interviews. I learned a lot after each one and began to realize that I wasn’t as prepared as I thought. So I started to study more than I already was studying, two months later my old job called me back to their team, I was so glad for it. Getting laid off was an awful tasting medicine, but it helped me realize that I’m not living in a world where everyone knows my name and that I need to set myself apart from others if I want to continue to be successful. Not only that, it helped me form the habit of improving myself day-by-day.

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