Week 4 Retrospective

Week 4 is over, I guess. It went by like a blur. We received so much information in so little time that I wish I could download lessons directly into my cerebral cortex. Note to self: start working on this technology immediately to save future generations from this agony.

Some things went right this week. I completed my testing exercises with less help than I normally require. I worked on several different versions of the Animal Shelter project, restarting a few times from scratch. I plan to restart at least one more time for practice, or perhaps I’ll create a new program that runs similarly to Animal Shelter but behaves slightly differently and uses different data. I’m still mulling that one over.

The main thing that continues to go wrong is trying to understand the logic and trying to make choices on how to tackle writing code. I do alright when following directions, but when it’s time to actually build a program and decide on the best way to solve certain problems I struggle mightily. I’m trying to cut myself some slack here since I’ve only been at this for a couple months, but solving basic coding challenges still seems like a Herculean task. I will keep at it.

It’s continually surprising to me how much artistry is involved in coding. I always imagined there would be a certain way to do things when writing code and that would be it, but there are almost always multiple ways to attack a problem or handle a task. It’s daunting for a beginner, but at this point I should worry less about the most efficient way to do something and more about just doing something.

I learned a lot about running tests on code and building code from tests. I find that to be interesting but also frustrating, as I would like to become proficient at one way to write code before learning about other ways to write code.

I felt like I had a breakthrough with regard to methods and understanding when to use them. I’m also understanding constructors a few weeks too late (but better late than never) and creating a simple yet elegant constructor is pretty satisfying.