A Dream Chartered!

Hey Medium Family,

First of all, I am grateful that some gentleman told me about this amazing platform where I can express my ideas and professional knowledge.

Today, I won’t talk about my Professional work being a Chartered Accountant. I just want to share my dream which maybe the dream of every individual but only few decide to step in.

Like everyone, I had a job and like everyday it would be same routine like waking up, working, and then again go on repeat mode. But something happened during the lockdown because of this pandemic which gave wings to my “Be Your Own Boss Mind” and it worked out as Unlockdown for my dreams.

So,I quit my job last month and started my own CA practice. Quitting a job with handsome salary and starting for scratch didn’t bothered me at all for I was thrilled about being “BOSS of my Own Dreams”.

I feel that Knowledge shouldn’t be bound by the shackles of your office cabins.It must be nourished with global outreach and sharing them with people and organisations so that your knowledge must create a worldwide value,not just to few people.

So here I am, on the open road that meets the sky and I am sure that I will provide best of my knowledge to my Medium Family.I am gonna publish everyday the recent developments in the world of taxation,corporate law,IFRS ,Forex etc along with the analysis so that you all can pitch them for your value additions.

I am sure you all support me in all my endavours.


CA Ankit Kumar

A young Entrepreneur striving to provide value to people and organizations by pitching their capabilities with professional knowledge.