Know the Best Way to Consume Marijuana and Keep Your Lungs Healthy

What is the best way to smoke marijuana? It is perhaps the most frequently asked questions asked by a newbie smoker, whether they are smoking for medical reasons or just for enjoyment. There is not a fixed answer to this question because it depends entirely on someone’s personal preference how s/he likes to consume the weed.

From marijuana vape pen to bong, there are plenty of ways. Here, we are covering only popular ones.


Joint is the most common way people smoke weed for the first time. It is simplest as well as a highly versatile method to feel the smoke in your lungs. Plus, they are fun to smoke. In addition, you don’t need a complicated setup; papers are widely available at most convenient stores. Rollers make the task of rolling the joints super easy and pro.

Vape pens

In past few years, vape pens have become extremely popular means to smoke, be it marijuana or any other herb. It gives a discreet way to smoke anywhere you want. In addition, vape pens are extremely convenient to carry. They are handy to use and need a rechargeable USB charger to start smoke.


Similar to vape pens, pipe is also a common form to consume weed. It is cheap, as well as easy to carry around. However, some smokers complain that they do not get high enough with pipes. If you a hard smoker, they pipe is a good choice.


Bongs are very popular as they brought a revolution in the way of smoking weed. A bong is pretty similar to that of a hookah but sleek in design. It constitutes water and air tight tube. The apparatus is filled with small amount of water at the bottom. Smoke passes first through this water which cools down the smoke before you inhale it through the mouthpiece. In this way, you don’t feel a burning sensation through your throat.


Hookah, as you are already acquainted with, is a perfect apparatus for more sociable event. It is popular today for smoking flavored tobacco and the sole purpose is to cool the smoke before inhalation.

Smoking marijuana with a hookah pipe is fun.

No matter, what method you choose; weed is magnificent and holds plenty of fantastic powers. When marijuana is involved, no need to worry.