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Congrats to the winners of our previous contest. As promised, we’ll continue hosting contests to reward our loyal community.

Caash Solutions are on the way! The first being released is Caash Me (


  • Buy and hold at least 1,000 $CASH in your wallet
  • Hold lots of $CASH already? Spread it out to increase your odds
  • Each wallet containing at least 1,000 $CASH will…

Caash is a tech startup building user-friendly DeFi solutions, powered by $CASH.

Our first contest is here and the Caash Community is strong!


  • Incentivize promotion of and $CASH
  • Get word out about the soon-to-be-released Caash Solutions
  • Promote $CASH token over the social media platforms

We want to emphasize that while recruiting more users to the Telegram is helpful to the cause…

Caash Solutions are under development! They’re an ecosystem of stand-alone dApps designed for Web 3.0 powered by $CASH. Find the roadmap.

The first Caash Solution, Caash Me, will release before the end of the year followed by Caash Swap, Caash Pools, Caash Cold Wallet and finally concluding with Caash Local. Visit Caash Solutions for more information.

Caash Solutions are powered by $CASH on the BEP-20 network. $CASH is transacted through the Binance Smart Chain for low transaction fees and ultra-fast trade confirmations and traded on PancakeSwap.

Join the Caash Community on Telegram and get ready to a wild ride! Learn more information about our plans in our Lite Paper.

Best wishes and welcome any new holders!

Caash Dev Team

Caash Dev Team

Building user-friendly DeFi solutions for Web 3.0

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