the pursuit of knowledge
Alex Dennis

“the unexamined life is not worth living” — Socrates

I also thought a lot about this, and it’s true, most people only want to hear you say the purpose in life is to be happy. It never sounded true for me. After some consideration many years ago, I realized that the purpose of my life is to learn. It’s slightly different than pursuing knowledge, although purely semantically speaking. I think the difference might be important though, the reason why learning and not necessarily knowledge is my purpose, is that learning is the experience of acquiring knowledge in a way that transforms you by the mere act of learning. When you learn something new your mind stretches beyond what it used to be. you become a new person. In the end, the actual purpose is growing to be the best person that you can be, and learning is the way you get to be that person. Funny enough I have been thinking of writing on medium about this …
Regarding Socrates quote, I don’t think he tries to be prescriptive to others, more like he reaches this conclusion that could help others if they soak it in. I personally, complete agree with the statement in the sense that for me, if I don’t revise and learn from my experiences, if I don’t look inside and work with myself as I would work with clay or playdo, life would make no sense and have no meaning, in addition it’d wouldn’t even be any fun for me, since that’s what I love to do.

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