When Villains Aren’t Super
Yonatan Zunger

What if in fact Trump is neither a villain nor an incompetent? For an incompetent, he has done a pretty good job of parlaying a real estate developer with a dubious reputation into the most powerful person in the world. As for villainy, what if he doesn’t have any strongly held beliefs, good or bad? What if he is just pursuing a goal of converting his Presidency of a liberal democracy into a corporate model under which he would be CEO with unlimited authority and motivated strictly by egotism, power and greed? His actual steps so far have focused on disrupting good governance, alienating the Muslim world and destabilizing political and economic world order. Might this result in a disruption such that Congress was forced to give Trump extraordinary emergency powers, by (for example) a Congressional declaration of war against ISIS? Then, meet your new boss.

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