Emerging Birthday Trends for 2016

We had seen lot of varieties of birthday celebrations in 2015. Trends and blends for parties always changes as people go after varieties. In the year of 2016 you can see more unique themes for birthdays and lot more exciting varieties. From decorations to party favors, get the latest birthday party trends for kids.

birthday theme party

Unique birthday themes
Theme parties are the current trends in the Birthday event industry. Birthday theme party can be based on a certain character, book, TV show or anything else your child comes up with. Frozen, Barbie and Cinderella birthday themes were common in 2015 and you can see more unique theme parties this year. Although theme parties remain to be party favorites, additional elements are making parties more exciting and interesting. These additional elements can be entertainment programs, balloon sculpting, magic show, shadowgraphy or any other entertainment perfomance.

Birthday and Pre-birthday Photography
Capturing magical moments of babies are one of the most important parts of any kids birthday parties. Kids movements and growth is so beautiful and fascinating to watch. Today people also showing interest in pre-birthday Photography. It can add relaxed and natural pictures of kids to birthday album and it is tailored fit according to party’s theme. These photo shoot sessions can be arranged in home, or any other location. Hence to fully preserve essential memories of birthday a professional photographer is mandatory. Once your little ones are all grown up and when they see these photographies, it can put a big smile on their faces.

Designer Birthday Cakes
No birthday party is quite complete unless there is a cake cutting ceremony. And when the cake is designed exceptionally for your party it can make the celebration all the more special. These cakes are designed depending on the party theme, cartoon character, game or anything else. Designer cakes and 3d cakes are the current trends in cake industry. Cake shops along with sculpted and traditional cakes, also provide custom cakes for any kind of parties.

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