KEY TO SUCCESS — an insight suitable for all.

I am a great fan of success. I think about it all the time. It’s my dream and everybody’s. Yes, we all naturally want to blossom. We intuitively know that success has great significance to us and that is why we are always rummaging around in quest of getting it. But what is the key to success? How can we be successful?

Success is an individual thing and looks different to everybody. in some way, we could be doing right in our search of it. However, we often measure success by what others have and achieve. When we do this we are not searching our key to success but imposing other peoples’ on us. Things are not always what they appear. Don’t concern yourself with what you perceive others successes are. A wise man once told me ‘’I always searched for ‘extra-ordinary’ things in my life and that is why I’m unsuccessful today.’’

Under this title ( key to success), some people may hurriedly jot down some points to inspire. Some of those points can be of secondary type and we might lack them. Besides, inspiration is like a guest. It does not stays forever and this is just another fault of inspiration. In spite of that, what we have to do is to figure out what makes us tick and and what will fulfill us. When we wake up that morning that we smile and hit the road running we have achieved success — let us never underestimate the power in us! Always, bare in mind that we are the results of our thoughts and actions.

Alexander Graham Bell says ‘’ before anything else preparation is the key to success’’ I couldn’t agree more with him. The keyword here is preparation — which is the process of making anything ready for use or consideration. When all the things we need are not ready yet, we do what we can with the little we have at the moment so that when the other things become ready, we can move quickly — that is why we prepare. For that reason, develop /sharpen your skills and prepare, your time will come — don’t be caught unawares! Learn as much as you can and do what you can with the little you have right now so that when things are set, you will fly.

I can’t stop wishing you all the success you are craving for plus much, much more. Let us all strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.Thank you.