Blockchain technology facilitates the transfer of value and paves the way for immediate liquidity by tokenizing any type of asset. By issuing an ERC20 token, AVA Space aims to enter the world of decentralized funding, fueling the company’s next growth phase.

Ultimately, our currencies will migrate to centralized exchanges and gain insurance in company stock.

We describe the first round of financing in the image below:

We strongly believe that AVA Space will be among the googles and amazons of tomorrow. The future belongs to those who have the courage to get ahead of the curve. If you want to take part in AVA’s journey, we will make the tokens available on SushiSwap sooner than we expected.

Let’s ignite the fuse!🔥

In this article, AVA SPACE presents to you our precautions for future investments related to the company’s share capital and profit: the crypto project.

By investing in crypto projects with a considerable potential for a long period of time, we ensure a capitalization that will inevitably (not financial advice) reach…

Cabel Cristina

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