Usability Testing

The microwave used for the usability test

In HCDE, we had to design and execute a usability test. We decided the our tasks would be to set the clock on the microwave, change the power level of the microwave, and to cook a bag of popcorn. My team decided to make the users complete these tasks because we felt it would be a set of simple tasks that a user would have to do with normal usage of a microwave. We chose our users to be some men from Phi Kappa Psi because they all shared similar experiences with microwaves since they all have had to use a microwave and will need to use a microwave.

producing ideas for tasks and who our users will be

When we conducted our experiments, I noticed a couple things. The first being that it was hard to not tell the users how to operate the microwave. They would always ask us questions on how to operate the equipment and I found myself nearly giving them answers. That brought upon the second thing I noticed, which is once the user couldn’t figure out how to operate the equipment, they would get upset. This reaction probably reflected in the time it took for the users to complete the task, but all still were able to complete it eventually.

One thing that I enjoyed about this project is that I worked with another member, and tested other people. In other words, I liked designing an experiment and being able to test it with people on people.

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