The Secondary and Tertiary Structures of DNA

Resources needed to solve this problem?

Python for Biologists

PyCharm or another IDE

How I solved this problem?

  1. Using PyCharm, I copied the sample data set into a new py file.
  2. I read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Python for Biologists. The book gave me the basics skills I needed to quickly get up to speed.
  3. I reviewed my notes from the Intro to CS lecture. The main section I reviewed was on replacing text in a string.
  4. After doing reviewing these documents, I was able to solve the problem quickly in PyCharm.

What lessons did I learn?

  1. The Python for Biologists book is essential to learning Bioinformatics. There are tons of real world examples in this book. They were familiar to me because of my biology and chemistry background.
  2. Do not use Learning Python the Hard Way alone for solving bioinformatics problems. I started off using Learning Python the Hard Way for this problem. I realized it would have taken me too long to solve the problem using this LPTHW. So, I began using LPTHW as a back up resource to Python for Biologists. I supplemented my learning with StackOverFlow and google searches.


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