Because my Linktree is getting too big and messy I will list here the wallets I haven’t curated yet as there are pieces of different artstyles there or inactive.

My 3D wallet (needs to be organized):

Abstract pixel art:


Animated illustrations (GIFs):

Digital paintings:



Trash art:

Audiovisual pieces:


Glitch art:

Pixel art:

Account to which I lost access I need to look for it:

Other blockchains

Open Sea 1:
ETH address: 0x594b696Ed50801eE6fA462c8E030E563a69FcE1A

ETH address: 0xDbBd62B9FfD0c09d64b58d9A3D7AC88efe542878
Open Sea:




For more information, please read the full article about minting here.

You can be the sole creator but you can select additional creators. For example, if we are 2 creators of the NFT, I will add one creator. Only the artists you invited as collaborators can be co-creators. Click here to learn how to invite them, or accept invitations. The creators you have already invited will appear here:

Here I selected the other creator:



Cancel a listing

You can cancel it directly on the page of the listing. Click on the piece, scroll down, and cancel under “listings”:

Or you can go to your listings tab, and select the ones you want to cancel:




I am the curator for I wrote the articles here to explain how I use objkt with simple words. But for any tech support, please ask on the Discord :)