5 Wonderful Use Cases of Enterprise Mobility

With the advent of cloud, there has been a paradigm shift in the way people work.

The use of mobile devices and cloud services to fuel business models and the urge to revolutionize traditional models are on the rise with more and more companies using apps to communicate with their team members spread across various boundaries.

Being a key determinant for company’s success, Enterprise mobility will continue to be the norm for an ever-growing mobile workforce. This helps in employee productivity as people are continuously looped with one another through a plethora of networks.

Employees have continuous access to the right kind of information and this helps them deliver productively. Strategies like the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy plays an important role in enhancing employee morale and thereby, productivity.

Enterprise mobility has sowed the seeds for companies to leverage the mobile platform innovatively for developing new business solutions while reaping concrete benefits.

Let’s look at use cases in Enterprise mobility with special focus on Indian companies:

1. Business — Manufacturing and Retail

Enterprises are always on the keen lookout for safety in manufacturing while meeting rising customer demands. Take the case of Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. They are the distributors of spare parts to several other partners as well. So the demand for spare parts would always be overwhelming.

In order to meet with this rising demand, the company launched an app known as Hero Genuine Parts Touch (HGP Touch), where the customers can order any spare part online. The company has more than 20,000 spare parts, allowing customers to order for a minimum quantity and get it delivered to their doorstep.

Another company that wields the power of Enterprise mobility is TVS Motor Company. They use mobility solutions to capture only those vehicles that have to be recalled due to manufacturing defects. This allows them to reduce a substantial amount of cost and improve productivity in the long run.

2. Creating Waves in the Education Industry

Enterprise mobility is already making its presence strong in the field of education as well. Students are exposed to an innovative learning experience that allows them to remember lessons faster than ever before. Teachers and students from different parts of the globe can get together, irrespective of their geographical background or time zone differences.

The entire learning process has gone through a ubiquitous change. Worth mentioning here is Classle Knowledge for their interactive and engaging app used avidly by more than 350,000 students already. The app acts as a platform for a huge community of educators and learners.

Rural students are given the opportunity to learn from quality educators. Educators send valuable resources with students who do not have the fortune of going to good colleges or universities.

3. Companies — A Better Learning Curve to Employees

One of the challenges faced by companies employing a huge number of staff is timely communication. When employees are spread across the globe, imparting training to all of them without wasting company time is a serious concern. Businesses have been experimenting with one solution or the other without really reaching a satisfactory result.

Essar was a company that addressed this issue successfully. To deliver content from senior management to its employees at all levels, they introduced an Enterprise mobility management platform known as Drona Mobiles.

The company has more than 500 employees, so training content and videos are sent through the phones, apart from other communication strategies to ensure each employee remains within their loop at all times.

4. In the Real Estate Industry

Enterprise mobility is making its presence really known in the real estate industry. Customers wishing to see details of properties and homes can now see the same in the apps released by corresponding companies. Godrej Properties is one such company that made use of iPads and apps to showcase properties to their customers.

Instead of carrying hard copies of properties and brochures of flats, realtors can now carry the same in their iPad and give clients a virtual tour. The app will contain updated knowledge of the number of properties in the area that are already sold.

5. Making Finance Matters Easy In the Financial Sector

The economy of a country grows only when the financial services and the banks function with stability. Therefore, Enterprise mobility is a critical business requirement that helps the financial sector keep pace with growing digital transformation so they can meet customer demands.

Until a few years ago banking and financial services used only traditional methods of transactions, which were extremely slow. However, when they started adopting technologies, following technological innovations, they were able to go digital. With the help of Big Data and Mobility, core aspects of the business became easy to manage.

Today, mobile based transformations come in the form of mobile payments, mobile banking, apps, websites and other mobile based solutions.

Geojit BNP Paribas made use of enterprise solutions to help their customers do mobile trading. Through this trading platform and app, customers can do real-time market watch, simultaneous trading with multiple instruments and so on.


Enterprise mobility market is not just going to create a revolution, it’s going to explode and it is not possible for anyone to remain immune to it. It has touched every sector and every industry. Companies are scrambling to develop apps not just for their customers, but to help them conduct internal processes as well.

According to NASSCOM, by 2020, the global Enterprise mobility market is expected to be about $140 million a year. With cloud services, enterprise mobility solutions will go several notches higher; actually it has already started to move at a fluid pace.

If you have already observed a widespread adoption of Enterprise mobility, then it is not a sudden spurt of a new technology that will fade away, but it’s definitely something that’s here to stay.

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