500investments Scam? Well, Let Us Explain Why This is a False Claim

Even though there are multiple reasons to believe 500investments is a reliable trading brand, some technical issues with online search engines are associating the broker with the word “scam”. We would like to clarify this is due to changes in the FCA’s (Financial Conduct Authority) policy change that resulted after the United Kingdom left the European Union at the start of 2020.

Many brokerage brands were offering their services for both European and UK traders, but since the UK’s departure, the FCA started to refer to those brands as not regulated in the UK, meaning this is only a formal issue and brokers that are based outside the country are not automatically scams.

When it comes to 500investments, there are more than enough proven reasons to believe the company is reliable, transparent, and working on behalf of its customers. The easy hand on the trigger of targeting reputable brokerage brands such as 500investments as scam became unfortunately too common in the age of digital media, more too often those scam allegations lack the most basic financial understanding and in-depth knowledge of regulatory work.

# Transparency

500investments provides all the relevant information about its services on the official website. Cabsy Holdings Ltd, the mother company, is also a well-known brand in the financial services industry, with years of experience in the field. By simply visiting the 500investments website, any individual can find out all the information regarding the trading instruments available (FX, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies) as well as the trading conditions for each of them (leverage, spreads, margin required, etc.), and of course, read and learn more about its policy.

At the same time, for any additional clarification, there is appreciated customer service available via phone or email. Registered or aspiring clients can make inquiries, demand more details about 500investments, or ask for help in case technical issues arise. The customer support is online 24/6, assisting people in case they need it.

# Attention for all types of traders

500investments aims to be one of the top choices for all traders. Its services are designed for customers all over the world (except jurisdictions where local regulation does not allow trading services) and because of that, different traders have different needs. With a customer-oriented approach, 500investments provides a well-diversified trading offer that includes multiple features, depending on each trader’s financial situation.

To start live trading with 500investments a minimum deposit of $250 is required. Unlike most of the actual scams in the market, there is no requirement to deposit large amounts to get access to the services.

If customers are skeptical at the beginning, they can simply switch to the demo mode and test all the features without capital at risk.

Basic, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond accounts are currently part of the 500investments account types offer, providing features such as industry-leading entry prices, free access to trading academy, daily market briefs, sentiment/technical/fundamental analysis, risk management explanation, and some other premium features for those that can afford to open a larger account.

# Innovative trading platform

One of the main goals of 500investments is to provide a unique trading experience and because of that, it has invested a lot of resources into developing a proprietary trading platform. This does not resemble any other piece of software in existence and comes with some interesting tools like TradingView charts or Social Trading.

The platform is the main gateway to the markets and 500investments pays close attention to it. As a web-based software, it is fast, easy-to-access, and flexible on any type of device (desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet) allowing full access to the markets from any location. This care and large amounts of money invested in order to develop and provide an optimized trading platform is yet another reason to believe that 500investments is not ‘scam’.

# Education

The fourth and final aspect we would like to highlight has to do with a proper trading education.

As financial markets are constantly changing, we are aware that traders need access to updated resources so they will know how to deal with the trading challenges. 500investments does a great job in providing access to multiple educational tools, including free access to Trading Academy for all customers, daily market briefs, VIP seminars & webinars, eBooks, one-on-one tutorials. 500investments team is fully aware that only if its customers are successful the company will thrive as well.


We advise all customers or people interested in our services to visit 500investments.com or ask one of our representatives for clarification when something is not clear. Our team is available to help you with any issue 24/6.

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