Climate change mitigation needs urgent attention and action. Typhoon Haima is a Category 5 storm, the highest storm alert Philippines has. For an archipelagic country, this is quite alarming as typhoons are becoming stronger and stronger, incidence of storm surges are becoming normal occurrences and the risks of loss of lives, properties and livelihoods are higher.

With these, governments and all other organizations need to focus their resources and efforts towards mitigation, so that mankind will only adapt to whatever it is that can not be mitigated. It is mitigation and not adaptation, for with the increasing rate of increase in global temperatures, man could never totally adapt to the fast , varied and worsening impacts of climate change needless to mention that in almost all cases adaptation measures contribute to the increase in global temperatures.

Defining climate change as the change in the average condition of the weather caused by ecological imbalances that resulted from widespread and continuous environmental destruction as a consequence of human action.

Books and pamphlet related to this:


1. Applications of Basic Economic Concepts to Mitigate Climate Change

2. Basic Economics: the Lighthouse for Climate change Mitigation

3. WHY and HOW Climate Change is Caused By and Can Be Mitigated 
 Through Human Action — Will soon be out for publication


Climate Change! What We Need to Know


Climate Change: Root Cause, Consequences that Lead to It and Mitigation

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