Al Franken: The Obvious Setup and Liberals Took the Bait
S. Novi

This excellent article summarizes many of my thoughts on the situation with Senator Franken. As I’ve watched the coverage unfold and he has been lumped in with the likes of Charlie Rose and Roy Moore, I just kept thinking . . . one of these things is not like the others.

There is one additional difference that I’ve not seen discussed much. Most of the other cases recently in the public eye involve an abuse of power by a man in a position of authority over a woman. Sometimes it’s as obvious and as Charlie Rose; for his accusers, he was not only their boss, he held their professional future in his (creepy) hands. With Roy Moore, the relationship was not as clear cut, but he was a powerful local political figure, who could probably make life difficult for these women if chose to do so. I could be wrong, but I do not have the impression that the situation with Al Franken had that sort of power imbalance with Ms. Tweeden. They were co-hosts of this USO show, he did not have power over her.

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