Cachly 6.1.3 has been released!


  • Live Search Filters: Filter by Attributes
  • Live Search Filters: Filter by Placed Date
  • Live Search Filters: Not hidden by, hidden by, not found by and found by can all use comma separated list of usernames (max 5)
  • Trackable Travels: Use new API that can get 1000 locations at a time == fast!

Bug Fixes

  • Live Search Filters: Container Size should show in modal window
  • Live Search Filters: Cache Type should show in modal window
  • Live Search Filters: Placed and Published date pickers should not allowing picking before May 3, 2000
  • Cache Details: Changed hidden by label to placed by
  • Trackable Details: iOS 14 last seen with text was white
  • Additional Bug fixes

If you have questions or comments please email, we are happy to help!

Cachly 6.1 brings some great new features including Proximity Alert, Images Saved to Notes and much more!

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Turning on proximity alert will allow you to be alerted of caches within your proximity. There are various options that you can change such as the proximity radius and if you want other caches to show alerts.

Make sure iCloud is enabled for Cachly and you will be able to save images to your personal notes which will then sync images to all your…

After many many months of development, planning and testing, Cachly 6.0 is finally nearing release. Here are all of the features you will see in our upcoming version:

One feature that has been requested for quite some time is the ability to see your friends logs for a specific geocache. This can be extremely helpful if you are having trouble finding a cache or are just curious if your friends also found that same cache.

Introducing State Restoration. In previous versions of Cachly, leaving the app would sometimes allow iOS to quit Cachly in the background and reset the app back to the default state. This would result in the loss of the users place within the app’s navigation. This often happened when a user switched to the iOS Camera app which requires a large amount of system memory.

Why Is This Needed?

From Apple’s documentation:

Preserving your app’s user interface helps maintain the illusion that your app is always running. Interruptions can occur frequently on iOS devices, and a prolonged interruption might cause the system to terminate your…

When Cachly 6.0 is released, one of the new features will be a trackable scanner. This new feature will be accessible from the Trackables tab.

Recently was required to make some additional privacy changes to their platform and API that authorized developers use. This has an affect on Cachly users who have chosen to opt-out of allowing third-party developer applications to see their info. In order to fix this issue in Cachly you will need to authorize third-party apps using the following link:

You will need to uncheck the “Do not share my personal information with Authorized Developer applications.” option.

Once this has been done Cachly will function as it did previously.

If you have any questions please email and we would be happy to help.

This minor update bring many small features as well as many bug fixes. It is also iOS 13 ready, but Dark Mode will be coming in a future update.


  • Easily add additional logs to caches that already have a pending log and view multiple pending logs for a single cache
  • Pocket Queries: Allow saving to user selected list or create a new list
  • Google Maps: Scale view has been added
  • Trackables: Allow deleting of logs if owner of trackable or log
  • Highlights: Remove highlights based on color
  • Highlights: Option to restore caches from highlights to a new list
  • Export GPX…

We have a new Patreon page and we need your help.

One Developer

Cachly has always been developed by a single developer and has never been part of a large corporation or team of developers. Being the sole developer of a large project has its difficulties including continued development costs, rising server costs, managing support requests, etc.

Because of this, we need your help! We are looking for patrons who are interested in helping to be a part of the continued development of Cachly, and get some nice rewards in the meantime.

You Can Help!

If you are interesting in becoming a patron, head on over to our Cachly Patreon to view the various tiers that we offer!

Cachly 5.2 brings some great new features including viewing multiple Premium Offline Maps at once, Friends return, users who favorited a cache and much more! It will be live on July 22nd at 8am Pacific time.

Select multiple Premium Offline Maps

Here are the features that are included in this update:

  • View multiple Premium Offline Maps at once (tap edit button in map options)*
  • Friends feature returns!
  • Premium Offline Maps style enhancements
  • Users who favorited a cache view returns! (tap favorites on cache details)
  • Premium Offline Maps: World labels now shown for countries, states, oceans, etc
  • Premium Offline Map Layer Options: Option to turn off…


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