Cachly 3.0 — June 29th, 9am Pacific

It has been a long time, but it is finally here. Cachly 3.0 is ready for release! We will be releasing it into the App Store on June 29th @ 9am Pacific.

We are bringing you some very powerful new features as well as some amazing performance enhancements to make offline caching even better. This release has the following:

Offline List Performance Upgrades

Allows for massive lists to be saved (tested over 50k caches) and very fast loading.

Offline List Clustering

This speeds up loading of very large offline lists, but can be turned off and all options changed.

Offline List Filtering

Powerful filtering with the following filter options, Archived, Attributes, Available, Cache Note, Cache Type, Owned, Container Size, Country, DNF, Description, Difficulty, Favorites, Found, GC Code, Has Cache Note, Has Corrected Coordinates, Has Photos, Has Trackables, Has Waypoints, Highlighted, Hint, Is Premium, Log Text, Name, Owner, Placed By, State and Terrain.

Bulk Pending Log Upload

Finally you will be able to upload all your pending logs at the same time!

Current location heading indicator

Your current location will now show a heading indicator which will allow better map orientation so you can know which way your phone is facing in relation to the map on screen.

Search Options: Search by State or Country

Now you can limit a search by state or country or even search for all caches within your home state.

Coordinate Projection

You can now projection waypoint coordinates.

Usage Screen

This new screen shows detailed disk usage and lets you delete all offline cache images and maps. You will also be able to view your API usage.

Additional Features

  • Option to not automatically search for caches on start
  • Option to download offline images for a cache
  • URLs can be entered into search
  • Direct text input of coordinates to create waypoints
  • New Coordinate Parser allows searching of any coordinate format
  • Recent logs can use smiley or DNF icons
  • UTM Coordinates shown in Additional Information
  • Upside down portrait mode
  • Option to clear all found checkmarks
  • Export GPX enhancements
  • Updated GPX error messages
  • Field Notes are now Drafts
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes and small enhancements
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