Cachly 4.3

With this release comes some amazing new features including support for Apple Watch.

Apple Watch App

Load Caches/Filter Live Caches Buttons

The load caches button has been moved to the bottom of the map to allow easier access to it with one hand, and to free up space in the navigation bar. This allowed moving the live filtering (search options) button to be moved to a new location and now looks like a filter icon.

Offline and Online Lists are now under the Lists tab

Online List enhancements: Create List, Delete List, Edit List, Remove caches from List

Save multiple caches at a time to online Lists

Offline List enhancements: Delete visible, add/remove hight from visible, save to other list

There are many additional features in the 4.3 release:

  • Save online lists
  • Save user finds, user hides and caches near this to lists
  • Saving Pocket Queries and Live full caches download much faster
  • New log keywords: Country, State, Cache Type, Cache Size and Day of week
  • View which offline lists a cache is part of
  • Pending Logs txt file is saved in Documents as a backup
  • Privacy updates
  • Bug fixes