Cachly 5.0 Feature: Color Highlights

The 5.0 version of Cachly has been in development now for over 6 months. It has turned into our largest version update and will include huge breakthrough features as well as subtle design changes to enhance the user experience.

We wanted to profile one of the upcoming features that we think users will love: Color Highlights.

Color Highlights

In previous version of Cachly, you could choose to highlight a cache, but there was no way to specify what the color was. Instead, Cachly used the default red color. In 5.0 that all changes and users can choose from 20 preset colors to highlight their caches with.

20 Colors

You will be able to choose from 20 preset colors.

Not all colors shown

iCloud Sync

Highlights will be synced across devices that use the same iCloud account so that you have your same highlighted caches on all your devices.

Offline List Filtering

If you save your caches offline you can use our powerful filtering to single out those caches that have the highlight color that you want.

Cachly 5.0 Release

No release date has been set yet. Bugs are being fixed and the final features are being added. Stay tuned for more feature profiles and updates on our progress.