Cachly 5.0 Feature: New Offline Maps with Contours and Hillshades

One of the major new features of 5.0 are the new offline maps. This is a complete rebuild of our offline mapping to optimize for speed, readability, beautiful new styles and the ability to load contours and hillshades.

You also get a sneak peek at our new updated look of Cachly!

Old vs New

Mt. St. Helens area
Freemont District around Geocaching HQ

Contours & Hillshades

These extras can now be downloaded in addition to the basemap. They can also be turned off it needed and elevations will be updating when switching between metric and imperial systems.

Layer Options

You will have the ability to control what layers you see on the map. For example, if you don’t want to see trails or 3D buildings, you can turn those off.

Layer options can turn off various aspects of the map.

3D Maps

Just like many popular mapping apps these days, the new Cachly offline maps can display buildings in 3D. Our offline maps use Open Street maps, and when that data specifies a building height, they will be rendered in 3D.

County Lines

County lines are shown for US states as well as for other countries that use the same boundary in Open Street Maps. They are still shown at a low zoom level, which makes viewing almost an entire state’s county lines possible.

Search the World

Offline maps are available for the entire world and are searchable making it quick and easy to find what you are needing.

Map Updates

Maps will be updated ever two months or so, or as soon as the previous process finishes. In a future 5.x version you will be alerted when a new version of a map that you have is available.


The new offline maps in Cachly can be added as an in-app purchase. This will make all of the maps, coutours & hillshades available for download on all devices that you use with the same App Store account.

New offline maps will be priced at $2.99 for a one time purchase*. This helps offset the server costs associated with generating and hosting the maps.

Legacy (previous version) maps will still be available.

*Subject to change