Cachly 5.0 will be released Feb. 24th!

Cachly 5.0 is finally here! Over 8 months of work have gone into this major update that includes brand new offline maps, exciting new features and a refreshed design.

5.0 will be available in the App Store February 24th at 8am Pacific.

New Features

- Brand new Offline Maps with beautiful new styles, contours, and hillshades
- Google Maps
- Google Street View
- Log upvoting
- Lonely caches
- Highlight colors with iCloud sync
- Sorting and filtering highlight colors
- View multiple offline lists at the same time
- View all offline caches in database
- Live search can load full caches
- Log dots shown in list and map callout views
- Coordinate detection allows tapping for quick actions
- Apple Flyover Maps
- Offline list search
- Turn off live filtering but keep settings
- History syncs across devices
- Event caches happening in 24 show special icon
- Offline Filtering: date published, hidden year, hidden month, multiple string search, lonely
- Visual distinction between Disabled and Archived caches
- Premium Offline Map layer customization
- Live filtering: show caches with or without notes
- Logs now support markdown
- Navigating to cache shows other caches in area
- Pending log can be viewed from cache details
- Easier to add corrected coordinates
- Logs: Search field to filter on search terms
- Personal logs show log time
- Custom map tile URLs
- Ordnance Survey maps using custom tile URL
- Add cache to watch or ignore list
- Logs: Edit log date and time
- Earthcache and Virtuals tapping give option to send answers
- Printing cache description includes cache info
- View your unpublished caches
- Message Center for Premium users
- Much more!