Cachly 5.2.6 Released


This minor update bring many small features as well as many bug fixes. It is also iOS 13 ready, but Dark Mode will be coming in a future update.


  • Easily add additional logs to caches that already have a pending log and view multiple pending logs for a single cache
  • Pocket Queries: Allow saving to user selected list or create a new list
  • Google Maps: Scale view has been added
  • Trackables: Allow deleting of logs if owner of trackable or log
  • Highlights: Remove highlights based on color
  • Highlights: Option to restore caches from highlights to a new list
  • Export GPX: Option to include/not include waypoints
  • Link to Project-GC in user profiles
  • Change language used in Cachly separate from system language (requires latest iOS)
  • Offline Lists: Option to purge all logs
  • Offline Lists: Option to purge all but last 5 or 10 logs
  • Fixed an issue where navigation apps running in the background would cause poor location updates in Cachly
  • Added Magic Earth to routing providers
  • Log Defaults: Add Owner Maintenance option
  • Added a Patrons section under About Cachly!
  • Many small enhancements and bug fixes

If you have questions or comments please email, we are happy to help!


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