“After all these years, we saw each other again…”

It’s been 3 years since the last time I saw your face.

2013, that was the exact year when you left this country. It was so hard, looking at someone leaving.

April 27, that was the exact date. We’re really not ready of doing this.

5:37 pm, that was the exact time. The exact time of you walking at the next path of your life.

Well, I really thought that was the last ‘goodbye’, but I was wrong. Yes it was hard but we didn’t stopped at having our connections.

The time when we are about to wake up, that was the time of you going to sleep. We were having our dinner and you were having your lunch. Our time doesn’t match. It was summer here, and it was spring there.

It was hard going through the day without you. It was hard at doing everything without you. It was really hard but we survived. We survived at everything, at every situation. We really missed each other.

At first we don’t know what to do but then I realized, everything happens for a reason. God has His reasons and I know that He knows what He’s doing. Life goes on, we just need to accept everything and just go with the flow.

3 years of us just talking through the phone. 3 years of us just seeing each other in gadgets. 3 years, life goes on.

Different country, different time, different language, different culture, different foods and different nature. Everything was different but we stayed exactly the same.

2016, this is the year where we will see each other again.

June, this is the month where we’ll gonna hear each other’s voices again.

24, this is the day where our time will be the same again.

4:57 pm, this was the time where we’ll talk to each other again, not in phone or any other gadgets but in personal.

Country, time, language, etc.. everything will be the same.

After all these years, I realized that everything has changed physically but not inside. After all there years, I realized that we may be far away from each but our hearts will stay close together.

I really thought that was the ‘goodbye’ but then I realized that it wasn’t. It was just ‘see you again’.

I missed you Margarreth, it was 3 years but nothing has changed.
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