The Case for Inclusive Collaboration

I left for London a month ago today to attend an Inclusive Collaboration Summit. The summit invited its attendees to experiment with silence. This has made it difficult to write a post. Writing an article isn’t a silence experiment. This past week has reminded me how much noise a tweet can make.

I wasn’t the only person at the summit. Liz Keogh wrote a post about it.

There’s a website and a twitter account as well.

My reluctance to write provided room for an invitation to Orlando. The organizers mentioned it before I left England and followed up to remind me: “hope you get to come to #Agile2017!”

We ran the same silence experiment in Orlando that we did in London. I’m the only American to have both participated in and facilitated this experiment. I have been trying to be silent. I was not waiting my turn to speak. I was actively listening. I have heard enough in our communities.

What do you need? I step with authenticity, vulnerability, and awareness in the hope I might inspire others to do the same. I require your consent. I will not be imposed. Your differences make a difference. Escape ineffective monoculture.