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Ok, so, it took a while but I’ve finally got some time to get back to you. So, I think you missed my point. At this time and place, it is easier to just allow trans people into whatever bathroom they want. My point was that if you FORCE trans people to go into the restroom of the gender they were assigned, you’ll get people that look super masculine being legally obliged to go into women’s facilities. Men who were born women, but now look and act like men will be forced into the same facilities as women who are perfectly comfortable being women. Now, what this will do it mean that a man born a man can go into the women’s facilities, claiming to be born a woman, because a cis (lit, same. Means not trans) man will look so similar to a trans man, if you force trans people into their birth facilities, the perverts you are so worried about won’t even need a wig. They can just say they are a trans GUY and use that as an excuse. The legislation won’t do anything but make it easier.

The other side of the legislation is that would you be comfortable with your wife going into the men’s facilities? Because that’s what it would be like for a trans woman. And studies already show that’s a disastrous strategy.

And finally, if it’s already illegal to put a camera in the changing rooms, these laws won’t help with that. Criminals won’t be dissuaded by breaking two laws instead of one, they’re already criminals. So what will these laws change?

Also, you might find a bit of use from a very quick crash course. Trans people can be both men and women. A trans woman was assigned male, but has then become a woman. They are referred to as women.

A trans man was assigned female, but then became a man. They are referred to as men.

A cis person is a person whose identified gender is the same as their assigned gender. So, you and your wife are a cis man and cis woman respectively.

One’s assigned gender is what they were told they were at birth. Generally, that wording is used as many trans people feel that they were always their gender, they just started with the wrong one. They never think of themselves as the gender they were assigned, and often prefer to avoid it to some extent.