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Sorry it took me a while to get back, things’ve been a little bit hectic on my end.

First off, poems are written with intent in a way most literature isn’t. It is often easy to gain the surface meaning of a poem. More abstract poems can take a while to get a good idea of what is going on, but it is a fairly straightforward one. Of course, there are other readings about themes and stuff that can be done, but the general message about the character is simple enough. Furthermore, the research was to see if there was anything other than that one poem, as I had no idea how you’d see it as that.

As for being smart, I’d say mostly A+’s and nothing beneath an A in school with one year advanced Physics and Chemistry, and two years advanced in Mathematics might be indicitive of intellegence. Besides, the fact that baby boomers have ruined the economy is no fault of my own. The fact that it takes 300k to simply have a deposit on a house means even the tradies are renting where I live. Of course, you can sell your life to the government, but I like have the agency of a free citizen, y’know?

As for being able to read it, it’s just common courtesy. In the same way you might hold open a door. It’s a small piece of effort that vastly improves your standing in society. And besides, when debating the lives of others and calling upon facts, perhaps you should treat it as a term paper, and give the debate the repsect it deserves.

The article you’ve linked doesn’t say diddly-squat about bottom surgery.¹ It mentions assigned sex, age, ethnicity, and what type of gender variance they express, but nothing about any surgery. You have to look into the paper linked, and then ask questions about why. The study is about lifetime attempts, and the numbers for the people that want but don’t have it, and have had it are identical. The people that have had it were also once part of the previous group with identical numbers, so it’s likely that they haven’t tried to commit it after then. Keep in mind, it’s either no attempts or ≥1, so if someone tried once before surgery it would count to the statistic of post-op people who’d attempted it as well. So it’d make sense that the attempts almost entirely happened before the surgery, as otherwise we’d see a disparity between the “want” and “have had” categories. However, there is a difference between the “don’t really want it” category and the other two, suggesting that having the wrong parts is the main cause of stress. With FtM phalloplasty, the amount of respondants who’ve had it is tiny, so the data could easily be innacurate, so while it was more relevant to this discussion about an FtM wrestler, I didn’t get into it as the data (by no fault of the researchers) is likely a bit off. However, if you look at the number of respondents who’ve been discriminated against to some degree, it’s far higher than the general population, and there is a correlations between discrimination and suicide.

Maybe don’t try and bring up statistics without being well versed in them and able to consider all the factors. Albeit I’ve only had a year of schooling on pure stats (it’s a 12th grade subject, I did that instead of doing a paper or two at the local university in chem because I finished highschool chem a year ahead.) but the classes never were about anything political, but they did teach me how to read studies. If there is anything where schooling is useful, it’s the sciences. Luckily for you, you just got schooled. (I jest, I jest. It was too obvious a joke not make.)

As for “mutilating” one’s body, it wouldn’t be at this level. Hormones do no more to mutilate a trans person’s body than they do to a cis person’s. While you may not like that he has male hormones in his body, he wouldn’t like having girl hormones in his body. And tell me, when were you old enough to change your body with testosterone? When did you make the decision to not take blockers, and become masculine? Were you old enough to understand all that it means to be a guy? Why didn’t you just go through puberty with estrogen and change what you want once you were old enough? Of course, you may say “but it’s not the same”, but it is very similar. For someone who is trans, going through puberty and waiting till they’re older results in irreversible changes to their body, which is very distressing. To have your body change into a shape and style that you hate being with every last fibre of who you are is very bad for your health. Tell me honestly, how would you feel as a woman? Most people born as men would hate it. Maybe in your mind it wouldn’t be too bad, but in your body you would feel a difference.

Also, trust me, being trans is not a choice. It is a fundamental mismatch between who you are and what your body tries to do to you. To transition can be considered a choice, in the same way getting off the train tracks as the freight train barrels towards you is a choice. You can certainly not take the choice, but it won’t be good for you. It is not mutilating his body to take male hormones, but fixing it for him. And when are people old enough to make that choice? Because your body makes that choice sometimes as early as 8 or 9. Should people be forced to have preventable changes made to their body that will make them unhappy for years to come, just becaue of your beliefs?

And finally, if he is too strong for the girls, why not let him compete with the boys? What is there to lose? If he loses, ah well, that’s sports. If he wins, check his T levels just in case and good on him!

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