Senryu : undulate

passing cave … movement?
 look! tentacles undulate
 baby monsters birthed!

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Innsmouth is a sim in Second Life dedicated to HP Lovecraft. It’s been around a long time and unlike some sims which have disappeared, it has stayed around with new builds being added gradually.

The ashore has a Depression-era small town, a kraken and a marauding monster.

This photo by Winter Phoenix is of the town, taken 4/12/16:

He also took this one of the town back in 2010:

Winter also took the Kraken. Over time, scenes would get added

A more recent build is the one underwater and up in space.

It’s a great place to create stories. After they moved the monster to the water tower, I did this storyboard (I/Kayla Woodrunner is in Innsmouth with the monster. Winter is on another retro sim at the movies)

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Originally published at Cactus Haiku.