It’s not identity politics. It’s civil rights.
SF Ali

Although I can certainly see, SF, where you are coming from, this is one point I don’t totally agree with you. For instance, except for his insistence that in today’s world Islam is inherently more violent than other religions, Bill Maher is a favorite of mine.

For one thing Bill is as hard on the extreme left as he is on the extreme right. But most of all he is a one man wrecking crew of anything Trump. Got to love that!

Mostly these guys (and I don’t know much about some of them) are against religion because it is just one more excuse for division among humans. Today it is one Islamic sect against another, a few hundred years ago it was one Christian sect against another in the bloody Thirty Years War.

Personally I have nothing against any particular religion, I just think all are a silly waste of time. On the other hand I think I understand from where the impulse for religion emanates.

See my book, A Quick Look at the Essence of Man and His Universe.

Keep on doing your thing, SF.

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