I was reading a comment on Politico and came across this old conspiracy claim.

“Ummmm..regarding 9/11. Over 2600 working and retired engineers and architects across the US are demanding an independent inquiry into the collapse of the twin towers. Their petition states that the evidence strongly indicates the buildings were brought down by explosive devices. Go to to see their names, their professional accreditations, their petition, and the evidence they have gathered.”

I just can’t understand the logic of this claim. If these charges were set by terrorists, then why bother with all the complications of highjacking planes. Just set off the charges.

Or must it be a weird government plot in which some US agency was working with the terrorists, but to what purpose? Are “they” saying that this was all some crazy plan of the NEOCONS to give America an excuse to invade Iraq. I mean, someone please explain.

Indeed, conspiracies can sometimes seem plausible, but hardly ever rational.

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